You'll love Aber® High Sugar Grass

The higher sugar content in Aber HSG ryegrass offers significant agronomic benefits because it enables ruminant animals (cattle, sheep and deer) to more easily and efficiently digest grass protein.

The consequent boost to their nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) results in:

  • More milk production
  • More meat production
  • Less nitrogen waste to the environment.

A further benefit offered by Aber HSG diploid ryegrasses is their strong persistency, as indicated by vigorous root growth.

A summary of Aber HSG benefits proven in New Zealand farming conditions is available here. For more information contact us today.

In trials on IBERS research farms with Welsh half-bred ewes and lambs, the live weight gain of lambs was 20% higher where animals were grazing the HSG variety. In the same study, the carrying capacity (stocking rate) of the HSG sward was 20% higher than the standard ryegrass sward.

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Proven Persistence. Proven Performance.

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Proven Persistence

Aber HSG pastures have been developed to grow a stronger and denser root system, helping them persist on-farm throughout the country, year after year in a range of growing environments. If pasture persistence is important to you, talk to us today.

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